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In addition to another enclosed lawned area - more of that later, the pretty walled courtyard behind the tall Celtic Gate at the front of the house is set aside for Guests use.  Tumbling with plants and lit by wall lanterns, we add candles to the night scene. and we draw the bolt on the Celtic Gate, particularly at night, to keep out unwanted visitors (see paragraph 4)

With the backdrop of tall trees behind the garden wall, the courtyard is a charming place to sit at the table beneath the umbrella, and talk, have a quiet drink, smoke, or even to eat. The section of tree bordered narrow lane behind the wall, serving only one house, is more of a footpath than a road. The Double glazed French doors of our dining room overlook the courtyard but it is usual for us to eat in our kitchen by day and to draw the dining room curtains at night.

Similarly the small lawned area to the very front of the house, also with table and seating for guests,and enclosed by hedging on two sides, is directly outside our sitting room (or Drawing room as the Estate Agents would say)  But again we use the sitting room very very seldom in the day and always draw the curtains if we use the room at night. So, privacy isn't an issue but I'm afraid presently as a sitting area this little patch is a poor relation of the Courtyard, especially because........ .

If the front gate is left open there is an inside chance (as my father would have said) that ponies and cattle will come wandering in and make for this very spot. Occasionally there'll be visits from deer and pigs too. But regardless of which animals are responsible, periodically, we find the five bar gate open (I've left it open myself!) with plants and ornamental hedging buds eaten and the lawn balding from heavy trampling.  Currently though this little area is more wild than balding, and with tall trees beyond its privacy hedge, we hope you'll find it an attractive place to enjoy a glass of wine.

We are very sorry, but since building a house on the side for our son, the layout of the Property is now such, that Guests can not have access to the rear garden without raising security issues - but if you are in situ when our peaches and other crops ripen we promise to share some of the harvest with you.!