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(1) Comfortable walking shoes, and in winter (?) waterproof boots/ wellingtons. This will enable you to stray from the tracks, and cross the moors perhaps - if you choose to.

(2) All weather clothes, but other than in the cold months, at the very least a light weight mackintosh so you can dress in layers peeling off and putting on as appropriate.

(3) A compass; - especially if you plan to walk or cycle. A compass is always invaluable with a map. If you are mapless and lost without a compass at dusk, yes, you can use your mobile phone, but when the only directions you can give are ' By the third oak tree to the left of a clump of pines' your mobile phone might not be as useful as a compass! That being said, most visitors probably don't bring a compass and manage very well by remaining on the designated paths.

(4)  We always advise guests to bring slacks and not just because you might want to  hire bikes. Shorts and uncovered legs/flesh are fine for the villages and Towns but never a good idea for the forest which is, after all, the closest we in the UK get to jungle!

(5)....swimming costumes, which take up very little room in your luggage but give the option to use hotel Leisure Clubs. The Rhinefield House Hotel, a spectacularly beautiful place, charges around £12 for 2 hrs ( £15 for the day?) use of their leisure facilities -  inc outdoor pool and small indoor pool and jacuzzi etc. Treatments are offered. You can lunch there or take a picnic to eat on the forest. If you plan to walk across the moor down into the forest for Rhinefield House, be prepared for a 3 mile trek (Glorious if the weather is good) each way - although you can take a taxi back or use a bike if you are hiring one for long enough, or you have brought your own

We have a well known Spa here (Senspa) within walking distance and the 5***** Chewton Glen (six miles away). Both of these are expensive but offer luxurious experiences.

The Balmer Lawn Hotel pools have been newly refurbished and given that this is within walking distance, is a reasonable option at what was at the last count £18(?) pp per day  (indoor/outdoor/jacuzzi)  You can lunch there (AA rosette for Fine Dining) or take a picnic to eat on the forest. Historically their lunch prices have always compared well with good meals in successful pubs, like the White Buck Inn in Burley. 

(6) DVDs you haven't yet had time to see -  We aren't allowed to lend you our own DVDs without becoming liable to pay for performing rights - so if you have one or two DVDs from home you have yet to see, you've nothing to lose by packing them. They certainly won't take up much room, but see below.


(a) DVDs?! we are allowed to lend you DVDs given away free with Newspapers and periodicals, which we do

(b) A TORCH. We can supply you with one although most of you will have that facility on your phones. Although we live very close to and are a short walk from the village, we don't have street lighting in 'Broadlands'. There is a lamp post at the entrance to our 'road', where you should be able to see the light on our oak tree in the distance, and lights on in the front of some of the large houses en route. but even so on a black as black night you will need a torch shortly after entering forest track. That being said a moonlit walk in the forest/on the moor/even the route home after dining in the village (if the contents of the fridge pall) can be a memorable experience.

(c) UMBRELLAS. we have some big golfing umbrellas for Guests use 

(d) Too many clothes - we have A DEDICATED LAUNDRY ROOM FOR GUESTS

(e) BOOKS - unless you want to bring your own. We have a huge selection of them

If you can think of anything else that might enhance your holiday I will add it to this page. Sue Joiner 01590 622208